Happy Birthday to The Daily Skid

That’s right, you’ve guessed it, we are a whole year old today. Why not pop along to Skid Towers and claim your free cake? See you soon. Oh! and shortly there will be our first article for a month live on the site to celebrate good time…..Yay


Anger at African ‘City Poo Stream’ Idea

People worldwide have reacted angrily to plans by Red Cross to create open sewers running in the middle of roads in African cities. The idea is claimed to be a surefire method to draw flies away from children, something that is a problem in most hot countries. Human rights activists are saying that Red Cross…

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Android Celebrities Anger Over Fappening

Celebrities who own an Android smartphone are today calling for Google to relax security on its handsets so they can take part in The Fappening too. Since news broke this morning of a hack into the iPhones of celebrities, leading to private nude photos being leaked onto the internet, celebrities who can’t afford the popular…

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‘Most Haunted’ TV Crew Mysteriously Disappears

The world’s most popular ghost-hunting TV show, ‘Most Haunted’, has had to stop filming after several of its main cast members went missing in the middle of an investigation. The crew were filming at Plas Teg, a known haunted location in North Wales, when cameramen watched in horror as cast members Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie…

Fake News Reported as Real

Russia Today, a respected purveyor of serious news, yesterday proudly quoted satirical news website The Daily Skid to support a real story about a water shortage in Scotland. You could quite rightly expect news agencies and media outlets to bring you only real news (or actual news, serious news, whatever you wish to call it).…